Tim Holtz Configuration Box

Tim Holtz Configuration box

I love every thing Tim Holtz and when I discovered his configuration boxes a few years ago I went insane. I had to have one. Since doing my first one I've made 3 or 4 but this one remains my favourite. There are heaps of ideas on the internet if you search for images of configuration boxes. Some of the designs and ideas are amazing. I especially love the apothecary ones. I think I'll give one of those a go next. But for this post I wanted to share with you my first configuration box. I themed it around a little house, using little pieces from dolls house collections. Each section of the box represents a little room. It was fiddly but I was at an annual weekend scrapbook camp hosted by Pam, my kaszazz consultant, and so I had heaps of time to dedicate to it. The other boxes I've done have taken several weekends. A bit here and a bit there which is mostly how I scrap. It was awesome to be able to begin this one on a Friday evening and have it finished by the Sunday.

You Tube is also a good place to get configuration box ideas. I've included a couple of links. The first one is from a lady who attended a workshop held by Tim. It's a basic style and design but still awesome.  

Configuration box 1 - basic design

The second clip is more of an outside the box design, literally. I haven't tried this style yet but I hope to make a Christmas configuration box similar to this style before December.

Configuration box 2 - boxes on the outside.

Both presenters mention the "gathering" of bits and bobs. They are almost a necessity to putting one of these together. I say almost, because I did make one of these purely from Kaszazz products for my consultant Pam as Kaszazz also stock a similar configuration box. So it proves that you can use papers, stamps and embellishments that you purchase without the need to add "collectables". Next time I catch up with Pam, I'll grab some more pics of it and post a story to show you what I mean.

Unlike the box in the first video, I didn't join the boxes together with tissue tape from the beginning. I wanted to be able to pull them out to work on them as the box developed. So each compartment is lined with decorative paper and then edged using washi tape. I found it much easier working with the little boxes separately rather than the whole box joined as one. I also like that each box is defines as a separate room. Once I was happy with the layout at the end, and before I decorated the face of the box, I glued the boxes in to place.


The first little compartment is meant to represent a ladies parlor room. I used Tim's dress form die from the mover and shapers series. I love these little dies, they work well with configuration boxes, just the right size. I made the little book (fiddly but totally worth it). In the bottle is a piece of stamped paper made to look aged. I rolled it up and stuffed it into the bottle and it has unwound over time, pushing right out to the edge of the bottle. The background paper is from Kaiser craft 6 1/2 " paper pads. It's from the "Charlotte's Dream" collection. No longer available to order from Kaiser but I've seen it on American scrapbook store sites. Hanging on the back wall of this box I placed a dolls house picture in a frame. I picked these dolls house items up years ago when Lincraft used to stock them. I added a little gem from a broken piece of jewelery. TIP: Never through out broken jewelry, it can be used to embellish many pieces.


Next to the ladies Parlor is the girls room. I made the little dresses simply from cutting dress shapes out of some material I had. A couple of flowers decorate the background with little birds (broken off of an old charm bracelet) sit at the front. In hindsight, I would turn the little bottle into a perfume bottle. I might do that one day.


 In this little room I used Kaiser paper again for the background. You could use an actual card if you had some. I also used a Tim Holtz Bingo piece, a draughts piece and a dice. I'm not sure if you can see them but under the little sling shot (made from a stick on the ground) are two old 1c and 2c piece coins. I'd kept them for ages to put in a project. I think they are perfect for a "boys" room.


This room was made so I had an excuse to try out one of Tim's pocket watches. The back comes off of them and you can decorate as you like. They are 3 dimensional so small embellishments can be used in them. I've also used some Tim Holtz film strip. I find it very frustrating to work with as it curls up from being stored in the tiny canister. I struggle to get it to go where I want it to. In the end I just let it do it's own thing and stuck it with glossy accents.


 A stack of buttons glued together, some measuring tape ribbon and a Tim Holtz spool mini die that comes along with the dress from. The black button leaning up against the spool is from my Nanna's button tin. I have some very fond memories of playing with this tin when I was a small child. Sentimental items can make a configuration box really special.


Lined using an old book page, this little pantry looks awesome. I bought the bottle as I said from Lincraft years ago. They were already filled with food like bits. The canister, saucepan and egg whisk all came from the same place. the little box of food I purchased from eBay in a pack. I used chip board to make the shelves in the box.


I entered this configuration box into one of the competitions over the weekend. It was a colour challenge competition. It could be any project we wanted as long as  it incorporated three specific colours in it that we were given in our challenge pack on the Friday when we arrived at camp. The blue I used in this box was one of the chosen colours. It is a stunning addition to the colour range of the box. The hanging light is again a dolls house piece and the clock is one of the Prima wooden clocks.


the final compartment is the garden. The flowers flowing up the edge are Prima except for the bold blue one, bold salmon one and the pale yellow one that you can only just see the bottom of. these I made using Tim Holtz's Pine Cone die. These were the three colours that needed to be incorporated into the project as part of the colour challenge. The little nest I made from twigs I gathered from outside the facility we were staying at and the blue bird was cut from Tim's birdcage die set. The little eggs came with the dolls house kitchen set and I added the blue colour to them as well as the little black spots to make them look more like robin eggs and less like chook eggs.

On the top I added a little door knob from Tim's collection and the word ART from some scrabble tiles.

The whole project probably took around 20 hours but it was worth it. It went down a treat. It won the colour challenge competition and sparked enough interest from the owners of Kaszazz to inspire them to add a configuration box of their own to their collection.

I hope you've enjoyed exploring this little treasure with me. I certainly enjoyed revisiting it again. It's inspired me to get into making some more sooner than later.



A Ladies Diary

Envelope Mini Album

I bought these Graphic 45 papers ages ago. They are so detailed and well designed. I've been waiting for just the right project to utilise them. Last weekend I finished this little envelope album with these papers. I wanted to share the tutorial on Youtube from "Follow the Paper Trail" on how to make the spine and pages for one of these little books. It's so easy and inexpensive. I'll definitely being making more!

I used seven standard sized  envelopes to create this album and nine smaller envelopes to create the small tag holders on each page. The tags are all made separately to fit each envelope.

With the tags, I varied the use of each one. Some can be used to journal on, others are blank so photos can be added and the remainder are just pretty to look at. 

The cover is made from two pieces of chip board. I use a piece of patterned paper to join the front and back and cover the spine. The whole book is edged with washi tape and I decorate the front using Prima flowers. I hung some little trinkets from the spine to give it some dimension.

The first page of the book includes the inside cover. I've used up lots of my scraps on this book, which is always a good thing. I've also added some free printables that I found on Pinterest. They come from The Graphic Fairy I use this site heaps for free pics to add to projects.

The second page has some additions from the Kaszazz range. I used Vintage Globe, Vintage clock and Angel wings. I added colour and shading with the Kaszazz Alcohol Ink Markers. The vintage clock is muted by applying Picket Fence Distress Stain over it.

The third Page is much simpler. Again I've used a Kasazz stamp from the Vintage Flourish Set but I've also used  Prima wooden clock embellishment. Notice every page is covered with vintage book paper. I scrounge around in old book shops when I see them. They provide the best background paper.

The fourth page is a combination of the Graphic 45 paper and a free printable. I use Martha Stewart punches to create the lace doily look on the bottom of the picture on the right hand side. I love theses edge punches. They help to add femininity to a piece.

Page five is a very simple design. I made it especially for some journalling to be added. Down in the right hand corner of the Graphic 45 "Remember" journal panel is a little Shrinky Dink bird cage. I am a shrinky Dink addict. This bird cage is a picture from the Internet but often I'll shrink stamped images. It's also coloured using the Kasazz Alcohol Ink Markers as they stay on any surface including plastic. The other side of this page is the map out of the vintage book I used. I love it when books have maps in them relating to the story. My favourite one would have to be the map that is in the "Lord of the Rings" books. TIP: If you like something such as a map in a book but can't bare to use it as it's too old, valuable or has sentimental meaning, then scan it and save the image. You can use it over and over again. I did this with a really old magazine I bought. It's too rare to go cutting up!

Page 6 is room for another journal entry. I love these panels that designers create when they do a series. I never used to by panel papers because I was really only a 12x12 scrapper but now that I make many and varied off the page projects, I've found them to come in handy, in particular in mini albums etc. On the top of the right hand side of this page, I put some soft fairy tulle, folded over and gathered onto some double sided tape.

Page 7 Uses a combination of the Graphic 45 paper and free printables again. The left hand side small envelope pocket is trimmed with lace that I coloured with the Kaszazz Alcohol Ink Markers. I've pulled the tag from the right hand side out a little to show how they slot inside the envelope pages easily.

Finishing touches to the little album include, washi tape down the centre of each page break. It not only helps to keep the book together but also covers up the gap the stacker spine creates with it's design. Lots of ribbon, lace and string etc attached to the pages and tags gives it dimension and fills it up.

Give this mini album a go. It's easy to make and would look great with any paper design. 

Cheers for now



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As a scrapbook fanatic for many years, I've always loved sharing my projects and ideas with other equally enthusiastic scrapbook friends. I like all styles and attempt to try new things most weeks. I don't get as much time to scrap as I would like but when I do focus an afternoon, evening or weekend here and there I always love the exhilarating sensation I get when a project is completed. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.