Tim Holtz inspired Patchwork Canvas

Tim Holtz Inspiration

I would have to say Tim Holtz's influence on me has been significant. When I discovered his selection of inks, stamps, papers and all that goes with it, I have to say I went a bit Tim mad. I was insanely jealous when friends of mine, that are members of the Kaszazz team, got to meet him and attend one of his workshops on his Australian visit.

This is one of my very first Tim inspired pieces. I wanted to try every stamp and technique known to man (Tim the man that is)and so I put together this patchwork quilt.

The base is a piece of black card stock. You can barely see it except for the distressed edges that poke out like frayed material on the edges of an old quilt. Each square was made individually from grunge paper (gotta love grunge paper!!) then either stitched together or taped from behind.

I'm not really much chop with a needle and thread but it didn't really matter with this piece, the grungier the better. 

In this section I used the back of a playing card and scuffed it up a bit. The lock is from Tim's ready cut Grunge Board Elements. It's coloured with distress ink. I also did some embossing and blending on the little in between squares.

You can see stamping and embossing in every section and then a little something extra. In this piece, it's a metal clock from Tim Holtz's Time Pieces, also scuffed up with sand paper. I added little brads and trinkets all over the piece.

Umbrella Man from the Creative Muse collection and features a couple of times in this piece. He would have to be my favourite Tim Holtz stamp ever. I love how this section really shows the true brightness of the piece.

Another die of Tim's I use a lot is the caged bird. This bird was cut out and coloured with distress ink Then I used Clear Rock Candy Crackle Paint as a top coat. I also used staples in this section to join some of the squares.

Fly is a theme throughout the whole piece with birds and wings adorning the squares. The heart and wings again came from the pre cut Creative Muse grunge board set. I first painted the wings with Picket Fence Crackle Paint, and the heart with Fired Brick Crackle Paint. Once it was dry, I lightly blended black soot distress ink over the top to highlight the cracks.

This project took a whole weekend to complete (during another of Pam's scrapbook camps) but it's the sort of thing you can do a little bit at a time. What I love most about Tim's style is that there is no real wrong and right way to do it. Just put it all together and it will look awesome.




  1. Oh I love it!!! All those elements... stitching.. stamping, and the key!!! :-)

    The 'grungier' the better!!!

  2. Thanks Bronny. Inspirational as always xx


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