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I often scrapbook photos of my children, things I love and places I go, but I don't often blog pictures of myself and if I do, it's not really recognisable as me ("Artistic Me" posted September). So this was a bit bizarre but I had the photo so what the heck! I think it turned out not too bad.

For this layout, I was really looking at the technique of layering. I tend to not over layer my pieces. It's a weird thing but I don't like to cover something up. It all looks good and I want it all showing...... but this also contributes to over packed pages - ME to a T - so I've given layering a go. It was challenging but worth it.
The background is a 12x12 page from the Kaszazz range "Scallop Floriade" it's the flip side of the "Butter Floret" found on page 17 of the Kaszazz catalogue. I've adapted the paper by using a  6x6 Bricks stencil from Crafters workshop. With some gel medium, I created a corner of bricks. When it dried, I slightly coloured it with a bit of Black Soot Distress Ink and then smeared a little bit of white gesso over it to soften their appearance. I've also lightly added some of the "Graph" background stamp found in the Kaszazz catalogue on page 175. The stamp is quite large so I rolled it up and inked the stirp down the middle then pressed it lightly where I want to leave the impression. This technique makes it look more rustic, random, rather than being a perfect square shape.

I've also used the Chevron Arrows stencil on page 230 of the Kaszazz catalogue smudged with Black Soot Distress Ink. I used the woven raffia that is in the layers as a stencil too. I like to use everyday bits and pieces as stencils. Lots of things work, doily's, tulle netting and even the sequin off cuts you can often buy at cheap as chips. Or, with a bit of cardboard, a craft knife and an idea you can make any stencil you like.

I've also sprayed the pages with Dylusions Sprays "Vibrant Turquoise" and "Lemon Zest". You should see me attempt this! Picture this. I'm really afraid of spiders right, and when I'm spraying a spider with insect killer and anticipating that moment when, as you spray, the spider takes off!!! I jump and freak out. Well spraying dylusions causes the same response from me. I'm still not sure about the lack of control I have over the results but it's o.k. I'm getting better at it. Sort of. Either way I always love the results I get.
Another element on the page is the lace. I got it from Lincraft along with some other pretty designs. It was white, so I coloured it using Distress Stain Scattered Straw. Distress Inks are great for colouring any material or paper based product to the right colour for your layout.
There is also a lot of black stamping throughout the back ground. I stuck to black rather than add another colour and I find it helps define the shape of the layout I'm trying to achieve. This layout is a off set cross design as shown below. I often find it helpful to begin with a shape to follow. If it's too black, then smear a little watered down gesso over it and it helps to dull the black.
Hand written quotes are a lovely touch to your layouts. This quote is from one of Tim Holtz's stamp sets. The stamp wouldn't actually fit where I wanted to so I wrote it in instead.
The bottom left hand corner is heavily patterned with stencils, stamps, dylusion spray and some tulle. I wanted to help balance the heaviness of the top corner where I'd placed the bricks. I've also placed a couple of circles using a lid to stencil on black gesso. TIP: as you push the lid down onto the paper, shift it slightly to one side to smear the paint so you make a slightly thicker circle. Often you don't have to reapply any more paint to do the second circle, there is still enough to make an impression, definitely of a lesser thickness but still very effective.

The layers begin with an old tarnished Doily and a piece of edged and coloured torn paper, followed by some black fine tulle, then woven raffia topped with corrugated cardboard stripped back slightly and coloured with white gesso. The photo is matted on black card stock and smudged with some gesso to dull the really dark edge. On the right hand side I've also added the lace border.
Layering is so much fun, even though it was challenging and if I can do it (control freak me!) then you can. Give it a go, the results are worth it.




  1. Ah Fiona this is me too. I also battle to cover things up and I like to have control over mists, paints and stamps too - they say practice makes perfect so I - like you - will keep trying. A beautiful layout with lovely colour, texture and clever layering. Beautiful photo too. Thanks for playing along with us at OUAS this month... :D You have your first follower too :S

  2. I think you did an excellent job of scrapping yourself! I'm a big believer of taking time to scrap yourself. If there's one wonderful gift you can pass down to future generations--it's the legacy of you! Love all the textures & design. Thanks for playing along with us at OUAS!

  3. What a gorgeous grungy, layered page, Fiona!! Love, love your mixed media background. I do enjoy layering, but your so right - often most of a technique often gets covered up. :-) I agree with Kay, too. How wonderful to have this page about you!! Thanks for joining us for the October Once Upon A…Sketch Challenge and for posting your LO on our Facebook page! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  4. Thank you Val, Kay and Tracey for your amazing support. I'm new at this bloggy thing and it's a bit scary but also very exciting. Your support is greatly appreciated. I love scrapbooking so much and I'm so pleased I've found such an enthusiastic group of like minded people I can share my work with. Looking forward to joining in with the OUAS fun. I've already discovered so many talented and inspirational scrappers. xxx

  5. Oh yah! what a fabbo page this is! chock-a-block with amazing background work. You go girl for using a photo of yourself! Thanks ever so much for diving in and playing with us at OUAS this month! look forward to see more of your work. xx

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