Making a Poinsettia Flower with Cheese Cloth

Over at Off the Rails Scrapbooking Challenge Blog I've shared my youtube video of making a Poinsettia out of cheese cloth for the current challenge "Create Your Own Embellishment".

There are great prizes on offer for this challenge from our fantastic sponsor Prairie Bird Boutique

You still have another week to enter so get creating those amazing embellishments!

Follow the link HERE to the blog and join in the fun.



  1. LOL...that's what YOUR comment did to me, Fiona! Glad I can provide...well, something through my blog!!! And Look what you made me do....joined yours on Bloglovin'!!! Can't promise to come by all the time...but look out! I'll be keeping an eye on you now:):) And as for PURPLE.......uggghhhhh!!! However, you OUTDID yourself with the 123 challenge...amazing how sometimes those 'work it, keep working it' LOs turn out our faves...& I don't know how you can have the patience to make your own flowers...go you:):)

    1. Thanks Lizzy, I am enjoying the challenges, they really stretch my style xx

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