My Favourite Song from my Teens

That Ballad!

Once again, over at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge, they have come up with the ultimate scrapping challenge theme. 
This month it's Scrap or Art journal about your favourite song in your teens. 

Easy ...........  I was 14, almost 15 and it was the summer of 1986/87

My brother, sister and I would always get an album as part of our Christmas present package and mine was "1987 Let's Party". On the album were top hits from 1986 such as Bananarama "Venus", Huey Lewis and the News "Stuck With You", The Reels "Bad Moon Rising", Joe Cocker "You Can Leave Your Hat On" and many many other awesome songs but my favourite was "I Died in Your Arms" by the Cutting Crew. Over and over and over I would place the needle back to the fifth track until my Dad would come in and threaten to confiscate the album because he couldn't possibly listen to that "Blasted song" one more time!

Ahh memories.

The best thing about creating this page was reliving the memories that came back to me as I thought about that summer break. I loved that song so much that I can still sing it word for word. Yep, sad I know but I'm sure you're all thinking of a song that was your favourite hit at 15 lol and I bet you can still sing it!

I used a sketch from the ScrapFriends range (I love their unique and amazing sketches).

For those who have not had the pleasure of listening to this wonderful song, or for those who haven't heard it for years, here it is. Original flim clip and all. Oh My and to think I thought Nick Van Eede was a real hotty!! Bahahahahahahah

I don't have many if any photos from when I was this age except for school year book ones and well, let's not go there, so I decided to scrap the cover of the single (which I also purchased), the single itself and a photo of the band. I combined black Gesso into my texture paste for the stenciling and stuck with the green and orange combination from the single cover and single.

I wanted this page to look real grungy because that was my style back then. Ripped jeans, wide neck t-shirt, just above the shoulder permed bob hair cut with a rats tail (please don't judge me, I was young and I thought I looked cool!) and black doc marten's. Seriously, I WAS Molly Ringwald. I LOOOOVED the Breakfast Club!

Life changed dramatically for me in early 1987 when only days before I turned 15 my parents separated and I moved from a small country town to a city. Having to settle into a new school in year 10 was pretty terrifying. It was made easier for me when I met a quiet young saxophone player who became my best friend. Luckily he stuck around long enough to marry me :). This was our song xx

Fiona xx


  1. Awww...LOVING your story.....LOVING the grungy popping LO ...but can't say I love the music....2 outta 3 aint bad though....oh! AND THAT song...well...MEATLOAF RULZ:):):)!!!!

    1. Hahaha thanks Lizzy and yes I agree, Meatloaf is awesome too xx

  2. You rocked it again, Fiona!! Loving your grungy look, your colours - your overall design. Especially loving your mini-record embelly!! Thanks for playing along with us at Another Freaking Scrappy challenge - so glad to have you back again, and hope to see your work here again soon!!

  3. You do grunge so well, love the layout, colours and special attention to details like the album cover and vinyl record etc. I agree the 80's rock, wonderful memories and music.

  4. Love this! and love your story, thanks for the trip down memory lane. some fantastic artsists/songs. Ahhh the memories :) Thank you for joining in at AFSC


  5. I love this page Fiona! Fab background work, awesome colours, and a great story to go with your song choice! So glad this challenge inspired you so much. Thanks for playing along at AFSC. Looking forward to seeing more of your work :) x

  6. Wonderful job with the background! You rock! Thanks for playing along with us at AFSC.

  7. I was laughing as I read this post ! I love how you shared the whole story behind this lo, looking back into our teens can be so scary! (I never had Doc Martens but did the whole goth thing, dyed black hair and all....uughhh!!! my band was The Clash! my poor parents hahaha! ) great design, you really did a great job with the bright colors and the splashes....glad it all had such a happy ending ;)

  8. Oh man! This post gave me cold chills, that is soo cool you married him! I too am married to my man from Highschool! ;-) Love this song and your page is fabulous! Thanks for playing along with us at AFSC and congrats! ;-) Hugs! Mitra


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