So excited to announce joining the 2Crafty Design Team for 2014/2015

AMAZING! That's the word I'm using to describe the feeling I got when Di and Vanessa told me I'd been accepted onto the 2Crafty Chipboard Design Team for 2014/2015. I can't believe it's actually happened and I can't wait to get started.

Annie Carignan - Canada (Design Team Member)
Maiko Kosugi - Japan (Design Team Member)
Marilyn Rivera - USA (Design Team Member)

We join an already established sensational line up that includes some of my favourites when it comes to inspiration.

Di Garling – Australia (Design Team Coordinator)
Debbie Tehrani - USA (Design Team Member)
Helen Tilbury – South Africa (Design Team Member)
 Janice Nicholls – Australia (Design Team Member)
 Nicole Dioron - Canada (Design Team Member)
 Stacey Young – Australia (Design Team Member)

Along with an incredibly talented Resident Guest Design team that includes;

Anita Rodway - Australia  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
    Ebony van der Starre - Australia  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
Jennifer Olek Snyder - USA  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
Margaret Mifsud - Australia  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
Melenia Agapides - Greece  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
Stephanie Papin - France  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
Wilma Voermans - Switzerland  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)

I can't wait to start sharing my creations with you all from the 19th July.

  Hope you will come along with me for the ride. 


  1. Was VERY happy when I heard that you were joining the 2Crafty team... I think you are going to rock it! CONGRATS x

    1. Thank you Rachael. I'm very excited. Looking forward to an excellent 12months of creating. YAY xx

  2. GOOD ON YOU!!! Well done....can't wait to see what you do over there.....that's a pretty INCREDIBLY talented team, too...wowsies:):)

    1. Thank you Lizzy. Isn't it an amazing lineup? So stoked ti be a part of it. I'm looking forward to growing my creativity with 2crafty over the next 12 months xx


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