Well it's Halloween today in half of the world so I couldn't resist a little bit of Halloween scrapping!

Australia is relatively new to the idea of trick or treating. We never celebrated Halloween as children but my children, with the international exposure from television and the internet, dabbled in the Halloween journey about half way through their childhood.

I distinctly remember the one year they asked to "DO" Halloween. We quickly threw together some costumes from bits and pieces we already had. Kaitlytn dressed up as Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter, her hero at the time (bless his dear soul) and Cameron was a pirate (easy option LOL).

All the children in the street joined in and they had an amazing time going from door to door trick or treating just up and down our street. My children didn't really get into it again after that but I, for some unknown reason, each year I always kept lollies at the door just in case I get some visitors.

It was 2005 WOW almost 10 years ago. Most of these children are teenagers or, like my two, adults! What wonderful memories.

Any way, enough reminiscing. Here is the tag I made.

And here is a little video of the background being created.

I absolutely love Daniel Torrente's Designs. This one "Three in a Round" would have to be my favourite by far. But I do like the "Daniel's Hearts" that I used on the background too.

The heat emboss resist technique is a never fail one! it never fails to excite me! This time I've used Beck BT's Tinby Designs Metallic Melts for the emboss resist. They are so chunky and tough, they'll resist anything I put on them!

And their broken, rustic effect is perfect for my Halloween Tag! I've also used some 2Crafty Chipboard "Chicken Wire" that I painted white and slotted in under my main feature on the tag.

Just a little bit of fun and a great way to celebrate a little bit of Halloween. next year I want to make my own door hanging. We'll see how motivated I get LOL!

Have a safe, fun and happy Halloween xx



  1. Fiona I loved your photo and to hear how you guys celebrate love to dress up (my boy dresses up all the time just to play) and all the candy is just a bonus! My friends and I threw a Halloween party for our kids last year and I dressed up as Cleopatra,(haven't dressed up in YEARS!) it was so fun! I love your tag! those little spooky faces are so cute, and great tut as always...hugs, Lisa

    1. Thank you Lisa. Halloween is a relatively new concept in Australia but the kids just love it. I'm yet to get into the full swing of it. Maybe next year I should hold a party? hmmmmm that could be fun ;)

  2. Love that cute flashback photo!

    Your tag is the embossing and the mix of oranges!

    1. Thank you Yyam. I love orange and pink together. i'm an odd ball like that lol

  3. Love this little tag and I. Enjoyed your tutorial too. Totally gorgeous. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  4. PS. I mean't to say congrats too on your feature over at Paper People. Well done.

    1. Thank you so much Di. I was blown away when I say it!! So happy :)


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