Bigger on the Inside!!!

Well ........ I have to say I did squeal a little bit when I finished this one!! Just a bit.

Bigger on the Inside

Chipboard pieces used
"Funky Arrows"
"Light Bulbs"
"Chevron Bits"

Now ...... don't laugh but ....... I am a massive Dr Who fan other wise known as a "Whovian"! (Yep they have a name for it LOL!!)
 And one of my favourite things about Dr Who is the T.A.R.D.I.S (Time and Relative Dimensions In Space). I received a Dr Who calendar (amongst many other very awesome Dr Who paraphernalia) for Christmas and on the back cover there was this picture (along with a few other iconic elements of the show) so I cut it out, because that's what scrappers do! and I created what I think is


If I must say so my self.

I started with just white card stock. I wanted the colours of the T.A.R.D.I.S to be the main feature as it is an iconic blue. I just went "swoosh" with the paint brush in a circle (cause I love circles) and got a "Worp Drive - Worm Hole Refractor" image!! See ......

Like this!!

 Then I decided it needed a yellow sunburst but I don't own a sunburst stencil (add that to the list!) so I made one!

O.K. not the prettiest thing I've ever made but it worked all the same. I sprayed over the "Worp Drive - Worm Hole Refractor with some "Bonjour Butter" from the Lindy Stamp Gang "Tres Chic" Flat Fabio Spray Set and voilĂ  I had a sun burst! 

Getting just the right chipboard pieces was very important and I was a bit indecisive to begin with. I did however settle very quickly on using the "Gears" as a major element. I wanted to represent the mechanics of this beautiful time machine. I heat embossed them with silver Beck BT Tinby Designs Metallic Melts in the "Silver" which gave them the perfect finish.

Some stitching on the page along with some plumbers tape and mathematical washi tape, gave the whole layout a "T" shape over the worm hole!
The "Chevron Bits" also work brilliantly as they give the impression of movement on the page. I just stamped on the raw chipboard with my type writer stamp except for the first one which I painted black.

I added the "Light Bulb" that I painted yellow using Ayeeda's Vivid Paints from 13@rts. You can buy them from Sassy Scrapper here in Australia. They are highly pigmented and last forever because a little bit goes a long way! The light bulb often represents ideas or intellect and the T.A.R.D.I.S has both!

I finished up the page by adding some hand drawn stars, a few arrows and this famous line about time travel from the tenth Dr, David Tennant.

 So I'm going to leave you with my most favourite T.A.R.D.I.S moment ......

“He thought for a second, then spun to Clara.
 'Did you say something cruel to the TARDIS while I was getting changed?'
'No! Of course not!'
'Did you call her fat?'
'Because she's not fat. She's just bigger on the inside.” 



  1. I am so glad you added that quote on the end of your post, as I am so NOT a fan of Dr. Who... love the layout though, love the white space and all the elements around your picture.. and love the impact of your 'rays' too.. wonderful creativity!

  2. love, love, love this page, Fiona! (another Whovian here, :) )

  3. See, for some reason.....& I admit, I haven't watched Dr Who since I was 8 & my brother 'made' me cos I 'made' him watch 'Young Talent Time'!!! And we only had the ABC or BTV6 to watch. AND it was in black and, I always thought it was a RED box [probably cos he's English.....& their boxes are red....].....soooo I have learnt something apart from scrappy stuff!! BRILL page. Best bit? Those Melts....gee, they are awesome. Feeling the need to get me some......!!!...& that pop of yellow. Perfection:)

  4. ADORE this layout Fiona, it is definitely my new FAVE of your. Love everything about it.

  5. OMG! I don't think I've ever put 'This is fantastic!' and 'PMSL' in the same sentence before but I'm doing it now! Love your post as much as the layout! All you need is the music going in the background....ooohOOOHoooh....OOOHoooh! Whovians unite!


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