Captured Memories

"Captured Memories"

I was so excited when the 2Crafty Chipboard team were invited to join CSI as guest detectives this month.

When I first received the  case information, I have to admit, I was very daunted by the prospect of getting it all together! But once I sat down and read through the evidence and the testimony, I actually found it really easy. I started with my testimony. I chose to document something about my home ....... my daughters love of drawing spiders on our walls when she was very young. I had happened to take a photo of one, and while sorting through some old photos, I came across it again!

The testimony was followed closely by the evidence. I loved that there was heaps to choose from. I decided to go with book pages, map print, twine and then added some wood grain right at the end.

2Crafty Chipboard pieces used were:
"Square Collage Panel"
"Alpha Set 1"
"Captured Memories title"

The "Alpha set 1" pieces are randomly glued to the background and then covered over with the book pages using PVA glue mixed with water. I also added some of the map pages. I chose the part of the map that said Mount Gambier because that's where our home is. To make them letter more defined under the paper, I added some water colours over the top and then some white gesso to highlight them a little more.

The "Captured Memories" title is painted with 13@rts matt paint and then sprayed with 13@rts chalk ink at one end to give an ombre affect. I also traced around the outside a little with thin black marker. 

I incorporated the "Square Collage Panel"  on either side and towards the bottom of the design to give it some balance. I love these "Square Collage Panels". They are so modern and edgy!

So my obsession with using random alphas continues!!! I'm not over it yet LOL in fact, I've got worse. On this layout I've not just used the chippy ones but also rubons and stickers! I know ........ I'll need help soon!!!


  1. It's a perfectly normal obsession!!! And looks fabulous! LOOOVE that square chippy & I'm glad you explained the pic.... Got me trying to figure it out!!!! GORG page :):)

  2. This looks awesome! I love the grid chippies and letters and textures, looks fabulous!

  3. I love everything about this one...the great use of the letters, the colors, the photo, beautiful! It reminded me of my son drawing faces that looked like aliens on our walls, I'd get mad at the time but now I see them and it reminds me of when he was little :
    )....fantastic layout, I love that this little memory is rocked the case!!! LOL hugs xo

  4. Beautiful layout and colors! I love the drawing of the spider - it made me smile - along with the story. Using alphas is awesome in layouts - contributes to the background and texture - and if that's your only issue - you are way ahead of many of us. (Don't tell, but I hoard resin pieces - I have a hard time opening the pack and using them). Maybe there is a Resins Anonymous??!!LOL


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