My E2C experience

WOW! Have I got a story to tell you!!!

So a long time ago, I received a fb message from the lovely Meredith Treloar asking if I'd like to teach at their retreat the following year in March. Now I had no idea what Escape 2 Create was about so I did a bit of a FB stalk (as you do) and I discovered that it was AMAZING!!! So I said "Sure" (lol along with a little happy dance!) and the wait began. It was a big secret for a really long time and then finally Amanda Hall (Meredith's partner in crime!) made the announcement on FB.

One of the most exciting elements of the weekend was that I would be joined by three other truly talented teachers.


What an AMAZING trio!

Getting to know them was the highlight of the weekend!

I had a great support network with Kaszazz and 2Crafty Chipboard coming to the party as my sponsors and I designed a Layout that would suit all skill levels and incorporated the use of Gelatos to create the background. (no trimmers allowed!)

My class was up first, which I thought was a bad thing but then soon realised it was the best thing. It was all over in no time and I sat back and enjoyed the rest of the weekend creating. I didn't make much to be honest but I laughed heaps and I did all the classes. Walking around the shed, I couldn't believe the amazing interpretations of my class! They seriously rocked. The colour combinations were awesome. The size differences were so clever and I loved the way people were able to take my idea and make it their own. One example is from Mardi Winen. this girl has some serious talent!

Tiff Firth. Another incredible interpretation!

It is so humbling seeing other amazing artists interpret your ideas!.

Over the weekend we also set ourselves a "Neon" challenge inspired by Leanne's neon thread she purchased earlier in the day at Cheap as Chips. I channelled my inspiration from the talented Louise Nelson and I also tried something new! 

A 12"x6" sized layout! Now there's a first!

I didn't have any neons AT ALL only the thread Leanne had given me so I begged stole and borrowed from Leonie Neal-Dawson her Hero Arts spray and some white house paint in a needle nose bottle! Inspired by Mal Gardner and her "Just do it" attitude!

This LO took over 12 hours to create ( I kept getting distracted by my wine!) but it all came together ok in the end LOL!

I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Well, I can say that now, but at the time ...... I was freaking out!! Not with Kim's class. Her's was up my alley but with Leanne and Chantalle ...... OMG!!!

This was taken during Leanne's class ( a picture tells a thousand words). How do they do this????? Oh my she is one very talented chicky! This is what she taught me .....

Clean and straight (well sort of) scrapping in an A4 size. I LOVE IT! I am now totally addicted to the Bella BLVD papers!

I only managed to make two layouts instead of the three that were in the kit because I stressed so much with the trimming! which in the end Chantalle did for me so I would shut up LOL! These girls just whip up these creations in their sleep! AMAZEBALLS!

Next up was Kim's class. I was so excited to be learning new techniques from her, she has been an inspiration to me for a very long time and I couldn't believe I would be not only meeting her but teaching alongside her.

I had so much fun with this!!! This was more my style and the Basic Grey papers were to die for!

Last in line was the adorably zany Chantalle. Her class required FUSSY CUTTING! and folding and a great amount of measuring but I was determined to get through it with no tears or blood.

Making the little puffy sticker triangles was the highlight of Chantalle's class for me and her explanation of "They need to be 'Hellllo' but not that stiff!" was definitely the quote of the weekend!

I met so many fabulous and talented people that you see online but have never actually get to meet in real life. They are all as beautiful and talented as I imagined. One of the highlights was meeting and chatting to Louise Nelson. This lady has inspired me and influenced my style from the very start. Meeting her was a dream come true. I was pretty star struck to tell you the truth but I discovered very quickly that Lou is one of the funniest and kindest people I have met. Her talent is just an added bonus!

I also got to hang out with some of my Scrappy Chat Designs possy. Sandra WallaceHeather McMahon and Beck Beattie We were missing Kim Ewins and Renee Aslette which was a real bummer but next time we're all going!!

All weekend we laughed. So hard in fact that my stomach muscles ached. The food was amazing (thank you Tony) and everyone was super friendly. I just hope I can push that send button at just the right time for next year!

Photo courtesy of Tiff Firth Photography

Can't wait to do it all again one day!


  1. Fiona, looks like you had a great time. Sounds like a hoot, and what an awesome amount of talent all in one place! Love the photos and your summary of the weekend. TFS. :)

  2. What a fun and fabulous wrap of the weekend. Loved the cheeky way you taught your class Fiona, and the free flowing way my page evolved. I'm with you kid, all the precise cutting was stressful, even though the results look amazing. I think I need remedial lessons for my maths! Meredith and Amanda could fill 500 places in a minute. What a brilliant weekend.

  3. You sure had fun! Wish I could meet you and all other there some day :)

  4. Oh that all sounds so wonderful.. all that talent together, it would have been a riot!! and so much fun.. love the photos.. can only dream of going at this stage.. but one day would be amazing to meet you all! wonderful layouts too..

  5. What an amazing weekend it was! Full of scrappy laughs! Woohoo! Love your take on it - you left out your beat box effects though!

  6. Your work created during your trip is beautiful and wonderful - as always. But, what's more important is that it seems an awesome time was had by one and all - lots of laughs!! Thanks for sharing the fun pictures too.

  7. Fabulous post! Looooved checking out what you made....such a great variety in classes & styles of scrapping....they all look great. Loved seeing the photos with your scrappy mates...looks like you had a wonderful, wonderful time:):)

  8. Sounds WONDERFUL! I would give my eye teeth to attend such an event! Here it is generally double pages with so much going on there's no true talent in placement!!

  9. Fiona thank you for sharing your experience with us, I have never been to a retreat and it was wonderful to be able to read and see what you experience. You fit right in with the other teachers, you talent is amazing x

  10. It really was a fabulous experience, you've summarised it so well Fiona.
    I think I was equally as star struck with all the talent in the shed, soooooo amazing.
    An experience to treasure for sure.

  11. thank you for the highlighting of my LO you sweet thing. That's lovely of you. And cheers for the photography credit. I appreciate that.
    I was so inspired by your class. I had a ball, and really enjoyed switching it around a bit.

    Stay gold.


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