My First 2Crafty Share for April

Hello my lovely friends. Well Easter is upon us and to celebrate, we've gone camping!! which means I'm probably at this very moment "Scramping"! YAY but while i'm away, the magic of blogger is posting my first 2Crafty Chipboard share for the month.

My first creation I've simply called Paulie. I've made it for my dear friend Paul who currently resides in the US. We miss him dearly but we can also see that he is thoroughly enjoying life in the States with his gorgeous partner Jesse. He'll just have to come home to pick up his piece of art work I made him LOL!


This pieces has been created on Kraft paper. I love the black on the earthy brown background. I was heavily influenced by the very talented Louise Nelson for this one. I've recently spent some time with her at a scrapbook retreat. I love using water colours and stamping in my work so I incorporated these with her signature minimalist look.

2Crafty Chipboard used:

I stamped the brackets on white card stock and cut them out. I also tore the Polaroid die cut in half and placed each section above and below the centre piece. 

All of the chippies are simply painted with black gesso and the background is created using Ecoline liquid water colours. I also flicked some Distress Stain into it while it was still wet to add some "gold" highlights to it.

I always have to add a little cluster in an opposite corner or off to the side when I attempt a minimalist style. I haven't quite managed the minimalism Louise seems to be able to achieve with such ease. I am but the apprentice ..... and hey it wouldn't be me if I didn't over do it just a little.....

I am very grateful for all of the artistic influences in my scrapping and love to challenge myself or stretch my artistic rubber band as I like to refer to it as. This one certainly did that. I find every time I stretch that band, I get an amazing result. 

Maybe I won't give this one to Paulie Bahahahahah!!!


  1. Ohhh I simply love it!!! I love the design & your background. Louise is certainly an inspirational lady...I love your minimialist layout.

  2. Such a gorgeous layout! I loved the minimialist look Fiona!
    Thanks for such inspirations. :)

  3. Fabulous Fi - I love it when we're influenced by other scrappers. Happy scranping!

  4. This looks wonderful! Love the texture and layers under your photos and the flow down the page! Have a lovely Easter!

  5. Fiona,
    So very lovely - it seems peaceful to me. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great layout Fiona, love the simplicity of it, I think you've done well. It's quite masculine, yet classy.

  7. Ok....I am just drooling over this's perfect! totally masculine and really cool, I am also really getting into black use 2 Crafty chippies like a master...I HAVE TO HAVE that gold's divine, so is this lo...Lisa xoxo


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