Scrapki-Wyzwaniowo July challenge "The Sea"

This month over at Scrapki-Wyzwaniowo the theme for the challenge is "Sea".

I created an art journal page with starfish. I love starfish :)

I was inspired by the sea that I live near. The photo below is the Beachport jetty. One of my favourite places to be in summer. I love the colour of the water and the movement of the choppy waves. 

Every summer we would spend our holidays in this little sea side town and for one week, my brother and I would attend VAC Swim (vacation swimming lessons). They were always held next to this jetty. Sometimes it was hot and we would get very burnt and some times it was so cold we would turn blue! This is how I learnt to swim.

I tried to capture the movement of the waves in my background. I used modelling paste and a silicone spatula. Pressing it on and then pulling it back up again, making a prickly texture.

Then I added a combination of different coloured sprays and let it dry over night. In the meantime, I printed and cut out some starfish outlines from the internet and coloured them with watercolour paints.

As I said, I love starfish. They are so beautiful. We don't have any down where I am, we only have jellyfish (YUK). But starfish .... they are beautiful. They are always my favourite to go and see at the Aquariums.

They are also my favourite because of the starfish story.

 I love how it tells you that no matter how small you are and how big the task is, you need to keep trying. because you can make a difference!

I hope you are inspired to join in with our challenge too.

Thank you for popping in 


  1. Brill story! Nice moral:) Lovely art page......especially looking closely at your 'sea' texture. I do a similar thing with bundled up paper towel.....then it often gets 'sucked' onto the page, which give a bit more texture, LOL. But DRY. I soooo cannot 'do''s a major failing of mine. I'm too impatient. Or, if you want to be nice about it I'm too enthusiastic!!! Anyways. Love this one to bits. I will NOT be throwing jelly fish back though...ssshhh! Don't tell on me, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What an inspirational post! Love your art journal page, I love star fish too! And love that story... Never doubt how much you can help someone by doing something no matter how small you think it is..


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