7 Dots Studio October/November Challenge "Wood Grain"


I'm popping in quickly to share with you my latest piece for 7 Dots Studio. It is my interpretation of our current  "Wood Grain" Challenge

Wood grain is one of my most favourite textures. I see it all around me and in all of the things that I love. Old wooden doors built into my favourite old buildings, worn and weathered window frames with the paint peeling away but this photo of my favourite jetty is the best wood grain image for me. 

I have the most beautiful memories of walking the length of this jetty as a child in my bare feet, the warmth from the sun heating up the wooden planks, sitting on the edge and dangling my legs over while I went fishing or diving off the landings into the blue ocean to cool off on really hot days. I visit this jetty every summer and it never fails to amaze me with it’s beauty.

I have combined some of the Verano Azul collection with a 12x12 piece from the Yuletide collection.


  1. I think the pops of pink work soooo well......bit of change from blue and beige for sea pages! And I soooo 'get you' with how it reminds you of the past & those feelings go with you into the present....you're lucky [blessed] to be able to go back and revisit. Most of my kid stuff is in memory, cos I ain't in Victoria anymore......LOVE this...love how the vertical lines flow down the page.......& now, DH has just yelled out it's time to go grocery shopping. Dammit. Much prefer blog hopping.....byeee!!

  2. Fiona this is gorgeous! Your design just flows and your details are always so perfect! like the bit of burlap....love the colors and the happy memories you've shown here....beeeyyyyuuutiful!


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