Welcome to 2016 SW January Challenge


First up for 2016 I have a little altered piece for you for the Scrapki-wyzwaniowo January challenge "Altered Art". I decided to alter the cover of my little sketch book using the 7 Dots Studio "Lost and Found" collection.

 I am totally addicted to altering stuff at the moment. I have always loved digging around in old antique and junk shops looking for bits and pieces to use in my assemblage art and now I'm incorporating those elements into my scrapbooking.

If you also love the odd altered piece then join the challenge over at Scrapki-Wyzwaniowo. It'll be loads of fun!

On my altered book I also added some coins. In Australia back in the late 1980's the government abolished 1 and 2 cent coins and everything went to a denomination of 5's so we lost these adorable copper coloured coins that are such a large part of my childhood.

The Lost and Found collection has a cople of die cuts on the die cut sheet that say 23c so I used this as my theme for the cover and added 23c.

For 23c when I was young I could buy my lunch and recess from the tuck shop at school. A meat pie, a vanilla slice, a strawberry milk and a bag of apricot balls!! Now 23c won't even buy me 5 lollies!

I think I just realised how old I'm getting! I'm blogging about "when I was young"!!

Time to go xxx


  1. Gorgeous transformation.... good use of the coins & they work really nicely with those papers. Remember buying fish & chips - a serve for 5c? That was like a once a term treat for us at school.... and my first pay was $33. HAH! Bet no-one could live on that for a week these days. Aaaah. Getting old too;)

  2. Your altered cover is beautiful! I love all the elements you have used and the paper collection! And, I especially loved the story of the coins! You made me laugh when you said you were blogging about "when you were young." When I realized I was getting old (some time back) - I was sitting in my car at a stop light, had the radio on and the livestock report came on the radio and I just sat there listening to it. Normally, I would have switched radio channels until I found more music - not listening to a livestock report. I thought, OMG, I have become my parents! LOL

  3. Fabulous, stunning, love all the bits and pieces you have included


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