13Arts Design Team - A Dream Come True

Every now and then something wonderful happens for me and I have to ask myself "What have I done to deserve such a fabulous opportunity?". I have had many wonderful opportunities during these last couple of years but making the team over at 13Arts definitely is up there with one of THE BEST feelings ever!!!

I am so honored and humbled to be asked to be a part of this amazingling talented team!

Designers from all over the world who I have followed and admired for such a long time.
People who I class as an inspiration, someone to aspire to and then there's little Ol' me. Oh My what have I done? Bahahahahaha

No in all honesty I hope I can do this gig proud. I truly love Aida's products and I am (as you all know) a HUGE mixed media fan so I am excited to be taking on this new venture.

I have had a little stint with 13@rts last year when I was honored to be a guest designer for 3 months. I knew then that this was what I wanted to do permanently. The team were so professional to work with as well as so supportive and kind in every way.

Here are a couple of those projects from way back when .....

I will be teaching with 13@rts products at the Melbourne PaperArts Expo in April.

Come along and try them out. Stay tuned and I will let everyone know as soon as the class bookings open!

I can't wait to share some more projects with you all. Phew ..... I am going to be FLAT OUT!!!


  1. Yippy Dippy DOOOOO!!! Good on YOUUUUUU!!! Hope all your dreams come TRUE with being on this team. Suits you to a tee & I'm sure you'll do them super proud:)!!!

  2. CONGRATS !!!! Fiona!!!! So happy for you!!!!! Don't ever doubt yourself, you are one of my favourites!!! That top blue layout is for me right up there with the best I've ever seen (EVER), so creative and perfectly balanced....can't wait to see your work at 13 arts :)

  3. Wow! A huge congrats to you! Well deserved :)


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