March Scrapki-Wyzwaniowo challenge "Keys"

Hello there! This month over at Scrapki-Wyzwaniowo the challenge theme is "Keys". This is such an exciting theme as it's so versatile. We can all relate to keys some way or another. We may use phrases as "unlocking our heart" or "the key to happiness" or as a fellow scrapper pointed out it could be sadness and fear that comes from keys "feeling locked in" or "can't escape with out the key". Either way I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Here is my little creation.

I used the 7 Dots "Lost and Found" collection to create my frame art. The keys are a combination of real life keys and embellishment keys from packs I've bought in the past. I also adorned the frame with a little flair from Um WOW Studio.

This frame is dedicated to unlocking our dreams!

What are your" key" ideas (pun intended LOL)

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  1. Your frame art caught my eye over at scrapki-wyzwaniowo, I am in love with it. Very inspirational!!!


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