My April 2Crafty Chipboard Shares

Hello 2Crafty Chipboard friends, Fiona here with you today to share a couple of creations I have made using the gorgeous 2Crafty Chipboard.

"Art Journal Cover"

I am quickly becoming addicted to art journaling! Because of this, I am starting to collect a selection of different journals. Of course I want them to be pretty! So I am now also decorating the covers of them ....... more addiction LOL

2Crafty Chipboard products used include:
"Messy Square Frames"
"Moroccan Panel"
"Delicate Ornament"
The background is a combination of crackle paint and coloured spray over the top of the "Moroccan Panel". 

I've painted the "Messy Square Frames" black and added some gold glitter bars to frame sections of the background.

I love how the colour from the sprays has settled onto the chipboard and made it stand out.

I have created a focus using the "Delicate Ornament" and assisted it to stand out by backing it with a black painted negative piece of chipboard.

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