Parts of Your Face 7 Dots Studio challenge for March/April

Hello gorgeous peeps! Today I'm sharing with you my take on the current 7 Dots Studio challenge "Parts of Your Face". I have chosen to use the gorgeous "Verano Azul" collection for my piece. This lovely flower photo taken by Tusia herself is so pretty. It depicts what I would love people to see every time they looked at themselves in the mirror. Pure beauty!

"Parts of Your Face"

We all have "ugly" days but I think that by going through the process such as scrapping photos of yourself,  helps to build your confidence and learn to love yourself for who you are.

Aside from the beautiful 12x12 background piece I also used some of the stickers from the collection, along with some of the tags.

I love the sayings on the die cuts too, they are just perfect for this creation so I incorporated some of them also. I added some sewing using my machine to add a "path" for the viewers eyes to follow and finished it off with a little bit of stamping and some hand drawn scribbles. Oh and black ink splats .... of course!

I think we can all be too critical of what we look like. We often say things like "I wish my eyes were bigger" or "I wish my nose was smaller" but I think we must remember that the parts of our face, whether we do or don't like them, are our identity, the way people recognise us and we should embrace them every time we look in the mirror. Creating this page was a very interesting process for me. I was able to appreciate each part of me for what it is, even my funny pokey nose! Like any problem we may encounter, in reality, when you break it down piece by piece, it doesn't seem that bad after all. 

Embrace your face xx


The only artist you should ever compare yourself to is the one you were yesterday.

Fiona xx