My VLVS Family Portrait

Hello my sweet friends. I'm here with you today to introduce you to the "Whimsical Family" from Las Vegas!

Boy I love having fun with these characters! They all tell a story and I wanted to share that in my depiction of "A Family Portrait". 

So first up we have Uncle Owl. His actual name is Alphonso (Asio otus) Benedict Ko'ko (other wise know as the Long Eared Owl) and he comes from a long line of aristocratic owls from Pakistan. He has a degree in Baking Technology Management from the London Southbank University which he puts to great use at family functions such as birthdays and Easter. Uncle Owl is famous for his lavish 4 tier cakes.

Behind Uncle Owl, in the deep dark background of the photo is Michael the keeper of accounts. He's not really an accountant. He forged his degree and now successfully runs an accounting firm that actually serves as a front for an illegal booking club just on the outskirts of the inner city.

Standing next to Uncle Owl is his great nephew (Pete is Owls youngest sisters, first daughters third son) Peterbald. Nicknamed Pete, is the quietest member of the family and most definitely the most politest. It's not Christmas time, this photo wasn't even taken at Christmas time, in fact it was taken last week but Pete, is a lover of all things Merry and Bright and celebrates the festive season all year round. The oddity of Pete's obsession with Christmas is never discussed in fact it is routinely dismissed as not occurring at all. The only time any issues arise from Pete's obsession is at the end of every meal when he insists the family light the desert on fire .... other than that it's not a problem. Unless your Uncle Owl and you've just spent 7 hours building a 4 tier cake.

The girls of the family are, firstly, Ellie who stands in the center of the family portrait. She is the tallest one in the family but also the youngest. Her excessive height is not helped by the fact that she insisted on wearing her favourite pair of Alexander McQueen Blue Alien shoes from the 2010 Spring/Summer release that she purchased on Ebay for only $32 and the fact that she compliments them with her head piece that she wears as part of her membership to the Iran Politics Club which devotes it's time to embracing and worshiping Persian Mythological Goddesses. Ellie prefers to be known as Zam-Armatay and believes she is the divine personification of the earth. She also is an avid scrapbooker and the family always love receiving the hand made cards she creates on their birthdays and other special occasions.

The final member of the family is Ophelia Palomara Alessandra Lux, other wise know as O.P.A.L. Opal was born a red head, the first ever for the family in over 250 years. Members say it is a genetic throw back from her great great great Aunty Josefina Izora Lashonda Lux (J.I.L.L.) but Opal's father  Broderick Isidro Leonidas Lux ( B.I.L.L.) has had his doubts. Regardless of these allegations, Opal remains the heir to the Lux fortune and hopes to one day open her own yoga school with her boyfriend Mike.

Viva Las Vegastamps used:

I hope you have enjoyed my little bit of story telling. I certainly enjoyed writing it. Catch you all next time xx


  1. Oh Fiona this is absolutely brilliant story, and what a great way to use the stamps, sometimes I worry where you head goes but in the end I shrug my shoulders and say to myself, that's my friend Fee x

  2. Lol, you are such a story teller. I guess that's the kinder teacher in you😊. Very cute family.


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