13Arts May Challenge - Everything About Spring

I love the beginning of each month in the scrapping world because it brings the opportunity for challenges! And this months challenge over at 13Arts is a beautiful one!

The theme is "Everything About Spring" and it gave me an opportunity to make this using the new "Aura Rosa" collection.

Here is the inspirational promo. It is created using the "Out Of the Blue" collection which is also springing with spring challenge potential.

So this was the beginning stage ..... a swamp monster! I had added water onto my watercolor paper and then I literally tipped the bottle of Celedon Ayeeda Chalk spray into a small zip lock bag (not really all of it) and mixed some water with it along with some Ayeeda Shiny Powder in the Shimmer Green. I was intending to funnel it back into a bottle (I was trying to make a shiny spray) but something came over me and so instead, I snipped a corner of the bag with my scissors and dribbled (more like poured) the mixture on to my background! 

What had I DONE!!! While it was still wet .... so like an hour later LOL!, I sprinkled some Rainbow color Turquoise duo over the top and sprayed it (very lightly - holding my water bottle about 3 feet away to get a very fine mist!). I wasn't happy with it AT ALL! So I posted my disaster on Facebook - as you do- and went to sleep it off!

The next morning it was dry, and shiny, and beautiful and it was perfectly matched to the "Auro Rosa" collection so i went to work adding some stencilling, some Antiquie Cream splats, more Ayeeda Shiny Powder in the Green and lots of gorgeous flowers that I fussy cut out of the papers both 6x6 and 12x12, I even cut the butterflies from the back cover of the 6x6 pad!

It came together perfectly! The triple photo idea came about because I wasn't sure what sized photo I would go with, so I printed the same photo in three different sizes. After they had come out of the printer it suddenly hit me that I could use all three cut out! And so I did!

Lastly I added my title from the 12x12 chipboard word set. I tried several different words but "Beautiful" just kept coming back so that is what I went with in the end.

13@rts products I used included:

"Aura Rosa" Collection
Spring Flowers 12x12 paper
6x6 Paper Pad - I even used the back cover



  1. Hahaaaa! Oh! I loooove reading about happy mistakes..... Or in this case sensationally happy outcomes!!!!! Looks fabulous.... Of course, you lost me when you mentioned FUSSY CUTTING!!!!! Still looks brill;)!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous page, all those butterflies are truly amazing!!!

  3. Loved how your swamp monster turned out and I just love how you pour the liquid onto your page, so you. It a beautiful page

  4. Looking at the layout no one dud think it started as a swamp monster.... beautiful example of rescuing a page :)


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