"She Was a Dreamer" Art Journal Page for VLVS

Hello today I'm here with you to share a little art journal spread I created using the fabuloso rubber from Viva Las Vegastamps!!

So I have this little journal, well actually I think technically it's a sketch book but I never sketch in it, and it's got some of the most awesome paper in it that I have ever seen. 

It is deliciously soft and absorbent with a very fine roughness to it. Not what you would normally think is the best quality paper for an art journal (cause it's probably not) but what I love about it is the fact that it's not perfect.

I can make the most organic backgrounds in it using some very basic techniques. this one is simply gesso spots and then a tiny amount of pigment powder over the top once it dried and sprayed with water to activate it!

Then I've dressed it up with some of my favourite stamps!

Here is a list of VLVstamps I've used:

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