CSI (Color, Stories, Inspiration) CASE FILE 213

Hello I'm here with you today to share my CSI (Color, Stories, Inspiration) CASE FILE 213 as part of the 13@rts Guest Design team.

I just love a challenge and these CSI Case Files are perfect! 
The scene was so adorable I couldn't resist giving it a go. To play is very simple. You have to be inspired first by the scene then you choose at least three "clues" from the"evidence" list and at least one "Testimony" from the other list.

From the "Evidence" list I choose Dots as my first clue, I used some adhesive beads for my dots as well as adding some black SPLASH Ink dots at the end.

Next clue I choose was a grid pattern, I drew some more lines onto the Secret letters paper that already has a wood grain on it and then coloured some of them in with some of the Matte Ayeeda paints that matched the colours from the inspiration. I also stamped some more finer grid over the top.

My final clue I choose was tape measure which I stamped on using some Ayeeda paint. Then i tied the testimony together by choosing to include a number sticker in my story. My story "3 Crazy Friends" .... the Friends chipboard fitted perfectly around my photo and I painted it with the Ayeeda paint to blend it in.

13@rts products used:

I hope you have some fun and join in with the CSI challenge too.

I'll see you all again soon xx

September Mixed Media Moods (MMM)

Hello!! So I've discovered this new little inspirational group headed by two of my favourite artists, Jenn Engle and DeeDee Catron who have come together to create "Mixed Media Moods" a monthly inspo group with a mood board that encourages you to create any project you like as long as it incorporates mixed media ....... yep I can do that!!!

There have been 3 months so far. July, August and now September. I loved the July project that DeeDee made so much ..... that I bought it from her!!! I'll list all the links to both the ladies tutorials below.

I didn't make a tutorial for mine .... mostly because I wasn't sure what I was doing and I was sitting on my couch at the coffee table watching TV while I made it LOL! But this is what I decided on in the end.

So here is September's mood board.

There were a few elements from the moodboard that really spoke to me.

The trees ...... I love trees. I love the smell of them, their tallness, the way they give us shade and keep the air fresh ... I just love them. There is something about being out and in amongst the trees. Maybe I love them so much because I've been brought up around pine plantations?

next was the material ..... I used a piece of calico i had lying around and coloured it with some Dylusions spray and water. I would have dried it with the heat-gun but I was trying to watch TV and my heat-gun is really loud so I popped it in the clothes dryer ..... it worked!

Another interest from the moodboard for me was the keys .... rusty keys OOOOHHHH MYYYY !!!!! I am in love with rusty keys .... I really don't know why but boy they get my brain excited!! I only had keys .... no rust. So I used some rust coloured Baroque Art Gilders Paste to grunge the main key up and then made it a feature of my hanging.

The next bit that I swooned over was the doilies .... I collect the bloody things!!! I do, seriously, I can't go anywhere without looking in an old secondhand shop for crochet doilies! And .... I'm ok with cutting them ..... so I cut this one in half. 

More keys!

The final and probably most favourite thing of mine from the mood board (other than the rusty keys of course) is the ephemera!! It sort of rules my life .... I have boxes and boxes of the stuff ... and I am trying to use it. I have this thing about using up ephemera because once it's gone you can't get it back!! But I've been putting on my big girl pants and just going for it  oh that and I've been scanning it in to my computer!

In hindsight, I would have liked to keep the background calico it's original cream colour but all that means now is that I have an excuse to make another one!!!

Make sure you pass by and check out this awesome concept. You can ask to join the Facebook group Our Mixed Media Moods Facebook group and share your creations each month from the inspirational moodboards.

VLVS Abstract Art Journal Page

Hello! I'm here with you today to share a little art journal page I have been working on. I have been inspired to create some abstract journal pages recently and the best addition to these pages are the amazing Viva Las Vegastamps!

My process ....... there is no process!!

Well that's not 100% true because I do always start by choosing my colors and then add them randomly to my page (with my fingers).

For me at the moment it is all about the layers. So after I add some color, I add some white gesso to fill the gaps and blend it all together and then I'll add some black to add contrast.

I am obsessed with circles at the present moment so everything I make has circles on it! The Doodle circle stamp is my ABSOLUTE favorite stamp to use on a journal page.

After a lot of adding and covering and scribbling with a pencil and then scribbling some more with a pen, I finally get to a point where I will add some stamping. 

With this particular page I've also added some old stamps. I find ephemera so interesting and I love to use it as inspiration for my projects.

Viva Las Vegastamps Used:

Grunge Numbers can be found on plate 1444

I hope you've enjoyed my art journal page and sort of understand the process not process that I follow!!

See you again soon xx

A Card and a Tag for 7 Dots Studio

Hello I'm here with you today to share a little card and a tag duo that I have made using the Fortune-teller collection from 7 Dots Studio.

I began on the card with the Grungy stripes mask and some white spray directly onto the black card to create my background. Then I layered some of my favourite Fortune-teller paper pieces from the 6x6 paper pad and sticker elements.

I topped the card off with the word Gypsy from the chipboard range and a little UmWow Studio chipboard arrow and flair.

The tag I started in a similar way with the Grungy stripes mask but this time instead of spraying I applied a thick layer of gesso and then added my bits and pieces.

I topped this one off with a flair and another chipboard arrow from UmWow Studio and a little sentence from the 7 Dots Studio word stickers.

I love the contrast of the Fortune-teller on the black. It stands out really well. This is such a versatile collection that can be really grungy and still really pretty all at the same time.
I hope you've enjoyed my little creations. I'll see you again soon xx

"Australiana" Inspired Art Journal Page

I have an obsession with ephemera again! I go through phases where I use it on everything and then I get sick of it and want a clean look so I put it away for another day.

Well that other day has arrived! It's back out and the collection is growing AGAIN!

I do think half the fun of using ephemera is the act of gathering it. I love to stop at little antique and second hand shops and spend time browsing through the many layers of fine dust covered papers!

So this little art journal page was born out of the love of this picture that I found in one of the books I had purchased recently.

I had a bit of a play with layers and combined mediums (must get me some more things to experiment with). I'm absolutely in love with my carbon disc at the moment. I love the chalky mark it makes on the paper but that it is also so water soluble! 

I am also very addicted to writing on my art journal pages. Some of it you can read, some of it you can't. This page has the words to "Waltzing Matilda" and the first line to the poem "Sun burnt Country". Very Australian in my eyes!

I don't mind that it's messy and I love the unpredictability of the mark making. I have learnt to embrace whatever appears from my actions and trusting that in the end it will all work out fine!

It hasn't really let me down yet. If I don't like something, I cover it up. If it's too black, I make it more white and vice versa. I don't get too hung up on if it doesn't work well because you can always change it .... or ..... worse case scenario .... start again.

I am going to try this out on a canvas too. I like to transfer my ideas from my art journal onto a canvas, I find that having a little trial run to begin with helps build my confidence.

I hope I've given you some ideas and confidence to try this crazy carefree method of creating.

Until next time xx

A little Clutch

As most of you already know, I LOVE handbags, purses, clutches, saddle bags really any thing that can be classified as a bag or carry all so when I opened my Week 38 of Wanderlust and saw that Roben-Marie Smith was teaching us how to make a little pouch from a brown paper bag ..... I almost died of excitement!!!

I literally couldn't wait to get my hands dirty and make me a clutch!!

And this is what I made.

Roben's style of art journaling or mark making is very similar to my own so everything she did spoke to me .... in fact I even found myself being able to predict each move she was going to make next as I watched her video tutorial.

She would add black exactly where I would add black, she added just enough white to balance out that black and then she used patterns and marks that I have used so many times already in my work .... it was like listening to a song I had known from years ago but had not heard in such a long time but as soon as it was played I could remember every word!

 This is the clutch opened up. I just love the colours and all the shapes.

Every minute of making this I became more and more excited about how it would turn out.

I really only used a couple of rubber stamps to create some interest. The rest of it is all hand drawn.

The stripy ribbon just finishes it all off and of course holds the flap of the clutch shut.

I have my brothers wedding on this Saturday so I'm going to take it with me as part of my outfit.

Now I just need to find an outfit!!!

You can find more of Roben's amazing tutorials on her web site

I'll definitely be making more of these!!

Prima Classes at Paperific

Recently I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to meet the amazing Cari Fennell and John Creigton Petersen  and do some classes with them. 

First up I attended John's class where we got to play with some of  the Sculpture Medium and the Art Alchemy Metallique Paints along with some of the Mica Powders

Once we had created our awesome book face we added a sweet Flaming Heart from the EX Votos 1 set  created by Sandra Evertson.

The second piece we created with John was a gorgeous little Flaming heart again but this time from the EX Voto II range of Sandra's Relics and Artifacts.


Making the book was actually a lot easier than I had imagined it would be. Joun is an expert book binder and he's come up with an easy way for us dummies to bind books without freaking out! I just love it!!

My second flaming heart was meant to be a necklace but my lovely lady lumps (boobs) don't really like to share real estate with anything too big so I decided to turn my piece into a little canvas art that I could display in my studio.

I decorated my little canvas with a Prima Ephemera pack and then layered it with some Alchemy paint and Snowflake Paste. I used some of the Water soluble Oil Pastels to darken around the piece creating a shadow effect.

You can see the two tone colours of the Alchemy paint on the shoulder of the heart as the light hits it. It has a slight metallic purple tinge to it. LUUUURVE these paints!

I also created a little bit of shadow in the hearts engravings by rubbing a little bit of black gesso into them.
Such a fun class ..... so many laughs .... so much learning and CUPCAKES!!!

Cari's class was very different to John's but just as much fun (a bit more in my element doing scrapbooking).
The packs we got were AMAZING!!! There was SOOOOO much stuff. Seriously I only scraped the surface with what I made. I have enough left to probably make another 2 layouts and at least one off the page project and a couple of cards!!

I didn't follow Cari's instructions AT ALL (sorry hun) but I did learn HEAPS of new techniques and had the chance to play with the new Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels which I LOVE!!!

This lady is not only beautiful but also funny and creative and really COOL!
This is her trying on ALL of John's jewelry that he has made (very awesome too by the way!).

A huge thank you to Hobbysew Echuca for bringing these two wonderfully wacky Americans out to Australia for the expo! It was an absolute blast!!