A little Clutch

As most of you already know, I LOVE handbags, purses, clutches, saddle bags really any thing that can be classified as a bag or carry all so when I opened my Week 38 of Wanderlust and saw that Roben-Marie Smith was teaching us how to make a little pouch from a brown paper bag ..... I almost died of excitement!!!

I literally couldn't wait to get my hands dirty and make me a clutch!!

And this is what I made.

Roben's style of art journaling or mark making is very similar to my own so everything she did spoke to me .... in fact I even found myself being able to predict each move she was going to make next as I watched her video tutorial.

She would add black exactly where I would add black, she added just enough white to balance out that black and then she used patterns and marks that I have used so many times already in my work .... it was like listening to a song I had known from years ago but had not heard in such a long time but as soon as it was played I could remember every word!

 This is the clutch opened up. I just love the colours and all the shapes.

Every minute of making this I became more and more excited about how it would turn out.

I really only used a couple of rubber stamps to create some interest. The rest of it is all hand drawn.

The stripy ribbon just finishes it all off and of course holds the flap of the clutch shut.

I have my brothers wedding on this Saturday so I'm going to take it with me as part of my outfit.

Now I just need to find an outfit!!!

You can find more of Roben's amazing tutorials on her web site

I'll definitely be making more of these!!


  1. Wow! Very Fee and very Dee Dee and the class wasn't run by either of you! I'm thinking you should create a matching dress for the wedding - lol!

  2. very awesomely done! love the bold colors!

  3. very awesomely done! love the bold colors!


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