Prima Classes at Paperific

Recently I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to meet the amazing Cari Fennell and John Creigton Petersen  and do some classes with them. 

First up I attended John's class where we got to play with some of  the Sculpture Medium and the Art Alchemy Metallique Paints along with some of the Mica Powders

Once we had created our awesome book face we added a sweet Flaming Heart from the EX Votos 1 set  created by Sandra Evertson.

The second piece we created with John was a gorgeous little Flaming heart again but this time from the EX Voto II range of Sandra's Relics and Artifacts.


Making the book was actually a lot easier than I had imagined it would be. Joun is an expert book binder and he's come up with an easy way for us dummies to bind books without freaking out! I just love it!!

My second flaming heart was meant to be a necklace but my lovely lady lumps (boobs) don't really like to share real estate with anything too big so I decided to turn my piece into a little canvas art that I could display in my studio.

I decorated my little canvas with a Prima Ephemera pack and then layered it with some Alchemy paint and Snowflake Paste. I used some of the Water soluble Oil Pastels to darken around the piece creating a shadow effect.

You can see the two tone colours of the Alchemy paint on the shoulder of the heart as the light hits it. It has a slight metallic purple tinge to it. LUUUURVE these paints!

I also created a little bit of shadow in the hearts engravings by rubbing a little bit of black gesso into them.
Such a fun class ..... so many laughs .... so much learning and CUPCAKES!!!

Cari's class was very different to John's but just as much fun (a bit more in my element doing scrapbooking).
The packs we got were AMAZING!!! There was SOOOOO much stuff. Seriously I only scraped the surface with what I made. I have enough left to probably make another 2 layouts and at least one off the page project and a couple of cards!!

I didn't follow Cari's instructions AT ALL (sorry hun) but I did learn HEAPS of new techniques and had the chance to play with the new Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels which I LOVE!!!

This lady is not only beautiful but also funny and creative and really COOL!
This is her trying on ALL of John's jewelry that he has made (very awesome too by the way!).

A huge thank you to Hobbysew Echuca for bringing these two wonderfully wacky Americans out to Australia for the expo! It was an absolute blast!!


  1. We loved bringing these guys out for all of you to enjoy. Really appreciate the support for those who attended the workshops.
    Love your work Fiona
    x Karen
    Hobbysew Echuca


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