September Mixed Media Moods (MMM)

Hello!! So I've discovered this new little inspirational group headed by two of my favourite artists, Jenn Engle and DeeDee Catron who have come together to create "Mixed Media Moods" a monthly inspo group with a mood board that encourages you to create any project you like as long as it incorporates mixed media ....... yep I can do that!!!

There have been 3 months so far. July, August and now September. I loved the July project that DeeDee made so much ..... that I bought it from her!!! I'll list all the links to both the ladies tutorials below.

I didn't make a tutorial for mine .... mostly because I wasn't sure what I was doing and I was sitting on my couch at the coffee table watching TV while I made it LOL! But this is what I decided on in the end.

So here is September's mood board.

There were a few elements from the moodboard that really spoke to me.

The trees ...... I love trees. I love the smell of them, their tallness, the way they give us shade and keep the air fresh ... I just love them. There is something about being out and in amongst the trees. Maybe I love them so much because I've been brought up around pine plantations?

next was the material ..... I used a piece of calico i had lying around and coloured it with some Dylusions spray and water. I would have dried it with the heat-gun but I was trying to watch TV and my heat-gun is really loud so I popped it in the clothes dryer ..... it worked!

Another interest from the moodboard for me was the keys .... rusty keys OOOOHHHH MYYYY !!!!! I am in love with rusty keys .... I really don't know why but boy they get my brain excited!! I only had keys .... no rust. So I used some rust coloured Baroque Art Gilders Paste to grunge the main key up and then made it a feature of my hanging.

The next bit that I swooned over was the doilies .... I collect the bloody things!!! I do, seriously, I can't go anywhere without looking in an old secondhand shop for crochet doilies! And .... I'm ok with cutting them ..... so I cut this one in half. 

More keys!

The final and probably most favourite thing of mine from the mood board (other than the rusty keys of course) is the ephemera!! It sort of rules my life .... I have boxes and boxes of the stuff ... and I am trying to use it. I have this thing about using up ephemera because once it's gone you can't get it back!! But I've been putting on my big girl pants and just going for it  oh that and I've been scanning it in to my computer!

In hindsight, I would have liked to keep the background calico it's original cream colour but all that means now is that I have an excuse to make another one!!!

Make sure you pass by and check out this awesome concept. You can ask to join the Facebook group Our Mixed Media Moods Facebook group and share your creations each month from the inspirational moodboards.


  1. Un-bloody-believable! You continue to astound me Fee!

  2. I like it! Ps. It's yours! I did not know when i was opening page with this picture. Regards.D.

  3. I just cannot get over this, Fiona! I love all the elements and they all come together so well. I really like the fabric bits, too. Fantastic!!!

  4. This is exquisite.. brilliant creating..

  5. Wonderful! Still working on mine! The day job is cutting into my "creative time". Nicely done. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Fiona... a truly gorgeous and whimsical creation... a creative fantasy! :)


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