VLVS Abstract Art Journal Page

Hello! I'm here with you today to share a little art journal page I have been working on. I have been inspired to create some abstract journal pages recently and the best addition to these pages are the amazing Viva Las Vegastamps!

My process ....... there is no process!!

Well that's not 100% true because I do always start by choosing my colors and then add them randomly to my page (with my fingers).

For me at the moment it is all about the layers. So after I add some color, I add some white gesso to fill the gaps and blend it all together and then I'll add some black to add contrast.

I am obsessed with circles at the present moment so everything I make has circles on it! The Doodle circle stamp is my ABSOLUTE favorite stamp to use on a journal page.

After a lot of adding and covering and scribbling with a pencil and then scribbling some more with a pen, I finally get to a point where I will add some stamping. 

With this particular page I've also added some old stamps. I find ephemera so interesting and I love to use it as inspiration for my projects.

Viva Las Vegastamps Used:

Grunge Numbers can be found on plate 1444

I hope you've enjoyed my art journal page and sort of understand the process not process that I follow!!

See you again soon xx

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  1. Wow,amazing paintings i like the post,digital surrealism is a unique and latest form of art which is known by people through famous and great Digital Surreal Artists.


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