My Time at Artified with Dina and the girls

Last Friday I had the privileged of attending one of Dina Wakley's classes while she was in Australia again this year. I had attended them last year and when I saw she was coming out again I couldn't resist catching up and having some creating time with her.

I attended the little journal making class and thoroughly enjoyed it .... as I knew I would.

Lots of stenciling, stamping and random "Just do, don't think" .... Dina's motto for the class!

The little journal has become a memory of my time in the class as I've added the little photos into it that we took after the class in the photo booth .... yes there was a photo booth!!!

I also purchased some of the Chit Chat word stickers while I was there so I could add them to my book. I've been eyeing these off for sometime now and figured it was the perfect opportunity to grab them ... before they all disappeared!! 

My little journal also took on a story in itself. Thanks to Dina and her thoughtfulness ....
Let me explain.

I had been attending a conference that day for work and was sure I'd make it on time if I left at afternoon tea break .... and then in true Melbourne Spring weather fashion .... it rained. No let me refphrase that .. it POURED down .... and when it pours down in Melbourne people forget how to drive!!! So here I am driving down the freeway ... at 20kms an hour!!!! So naturally I was VERY late for the class.

But Like I said, Dina is a very thoughtful lady and she had actually started my little book for me .... It was being used as her demo piece "A glorous Mess" as she called it ..... I was so thankful as I would have had to have gone FLAT OUT to make up the time, but instead all I had to do was join in with where everyone was up to already!!

And the bonus was ... as I mentioned to Dina .... that she had done the hardest part for me ... she had chosen the colour combo I would be using (I always procrastinate about this step). It was gorgeous, of course, yellow, Fuchsia and some Cheddar ...... and a hint of turquoise ...

It was so mush fun catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. I love the social side of attending classes almost as much as I love learning new techniques and having some time to create freely.

And so more about the photo booth!!
You can see here Kylie and I are on our best behaviour because we are in the booth with Dina .....

I should have known better .... I knew from past experiences that Dina likes a laugh ... or twenty, so when she suggested we silly it up for the next photo we joined in the fun ....

I got a bit sillier and Dina, well she was hilarious as per Dina would be .... Kylie, still a bit sedate (nice glasses btw) but then ...... on the third photo ....

Quote of the day from Dina "Here, hold my leg!" Oh boy ..... we laughed and laughed and laughed and then laughed again when the photo was printed!!!

I was blessed enough to have some "us time" too while at dinner and I did manage one really nice photo  .....

But in all honesty ..... I love the sillier ones better ... it just wouldn't be Dina time if there wasn't the odd silly photo or two!

Thank you so much Mel at Artified for bringing Dina out again. You are such a fabulous supporter of artists both locally and Internationally.

Thank you Dina for being you and being so inspiring ... until next time xx


  1. Oh wow - this looks like such awesome fun!

  2. I love your journal Fiona!!! The colours are stunning. I can't wait to do Dina's classes this weekend.

  3. So very cool and the pics were awesome!


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