The Sustainable Souls Project - January - We Are All Connected

Welcome to The Sustainable Souls Project 2017. I am very proud and humble to be joining this talented team of arty chics who are passionate as much about art as they are the environment.

And so we kick off with the most amazing of themes .....

My project was inspired by connected-ness in both a metaphorical way and a physical way. So my project has both a physical connection with the way every little segment touches the other and a metaphorical way where I've incorporated little bits that connect me to the world.

Not every little segment has a significant connection to me but there are some elements that I have specifically added. The denim "Sweet to the core" embroidery is from an old, very well loved, pair of Apple Bottom Jeans that I had to order especially from the US. This is my connection to all the gorgeous souls I now know through my art who live in that country.

The word "Care" in the little light bulb represents both my connection with my day job as an early years educator and the connection and care I feel with the environment.

The little arrow is to make sure we continue to point ourselves in the right direction. 

The little glass bottle is to remind us that the earth is so fragile and can be broken easily.

The orange piece of bailing twine wrapped around the raw twig sitting a top a gum leaf is a representation of my connection to my country and a regional farming life.

The pencil represents so many connections. To my Grandma, my mum and my daughter who are all beautiful sketchers and painters but it also is a metaphor for making mistakes. If only we would write the story of the planet in pencil, then we could always go back and rub out the bits we got wrong. Maybe I should have had a permanent marker lying next to it to remind us of the irreversible damage we have and still are doing to our planet.

If you would like to create with us this year, please feel free to use our monthly theme as inspiration. We would love to see what you create!  

If you can't create but would like to support and participate in our quest for a Sustainable future, please feel free to grab our badge and share it on your social media sites. We truly appreciate your support and understanding that our future must change for our children and planet earth.

Thank you for popping by xxx

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  1. Fiona!! This is beautiful both physically and metaphorically!!


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