13 Arts April Challenge

OMG!! Do you know how hard it is to paint an organic shape and not make it look like an alien? I'm not sure I nailed it.

I needed to ask for assistance from my SUPER talented daughter (luckily she was home this weekend) who had to finish off the face details and chest for me ..... I just couldn't quite make them work. 

Other than that though ... I'm pretty happy with the rest.


Here is the inspirational board.

The background was easier than anticipated, although I still spent A LOT of time on in. I just love the Ayeeda paints. They are so highly pigmented and have amazing coverage. The background is a blended one. I used my fingers (as I always do). I liked how it ended up organic just like the figure.

13@rts products used:


  1. The colours and shape is a stunning and visually striking thank you for sharing xxx

  2. Beautiful !!! I must say your daughter is very talented .. like her Momma .. ❤

  3. Oh my, you seriously are amazingly talented...(And your daughter too). This blows me away :)


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