Artist Gang Tuesday - Vase on a Shelf, Art Journal Page

Today I'm here with you today to share an art journal page I have created for Donna Downey's Artist gang Tuesday.
I have used Donna's lovely stencil "les Fluers" and her signature stamp "Wild Poppy Silhouette".

I created the idea based around some old scrapbook paper I had lying around. I wouldn't use this paper in a million years and Donna always says "You have to just use it" so that's what I'm doing over the next few weeks ... or years .. yeah years, it will probably take years to get through the stuff I've collected!

The video shows you how I incorporated it into my journal and then used the stencil and stamp to create a feature piece.

I really love the outcome and now I even really love that patterned paper.

Catch you all again next month xx

Daniel Smith Watercolors

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  1. Hello Fiona. I am a new follower to your blog. Love the Video of the Les Fluers Art Journal. Really awesome. Gives an idea on how to use those pattern papers in my stash that I have not used because I don't quite like the design or colour, but do not have the heart to throw them away. Thank you for the idea.


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