Make Your Mark - Art Journal Page

Hello today I'm here with you to share an art journal page I have created using the 7 Dots Studio "Northern Lights" collection.

I have to be honest and say that purple is not normally a colour I would choose to work with but since having the :Northern Lights: collection to play with, i am starting to really like purple!

This journal page started out as a play around with some sprays that coordinated perfectly with the collections colour range. Then it grew from there.

The Die cut elements combined with the stickers and then topped off with the tags is my most favourite way to create in my journal with the 7 Dots Studio ranges.

they all coordinate together so well it makes my job that much easier.

7 Dots Studio products:

Thank you for popping by. I'll see you all again next time xx

Tutorial for 7 Dots Studio

Hello everyone! Well it's taking a bit for me to get back into the swing of things after the new year but here I am with a quick little step by step tutorial on how I created the background for this wintry layout.

It's our summer at the moment so it felt really weird making a winter layout in January but I just love this collection "Northern Lights" from 7 Dots Studio that I just had to give it a go.

So I started by adding some coordinating colours to a plastic bag. You could use an actual paint sheet like a craft mat, I just couldn't find mine! then I used my brayer to smoosh the paint together (yes smoosh is the technical term here). Once the paint was nicely smooshed, I pressed my triangle Gel Press shape onto it and picked up some of the colours and then transferred that onto my background piece creating a snowflake like pattern.

Next up I cut up my clear stamp. yes I did that! I know it seems like the most sacrilegious thing to do but ..... it worked really well!! I needed strips of the pattern so the only real way to achieve this was to cut the stamp into strips. Do it! You'll feel alive!

I stamped a strip pattern through the centre of the snowflake like design to create the details of the snowflake. I could start to see it all coming together now. phew .... this was an experiment so ... it could have gone very wrong, but it worked out ok in the end.

lastly, to make them look more snowflakey, I gave drew some white details over the stamping with my paint pen and gave the whole page some paint flicks in green, turquoise and white. now i was ready to build the rest of my page.

With some sticker elements,

Chipboard pieces,

and some die cut elements, i dressed the page up to look all wintry and beautiful.

The hardest step was finding photos to suit. We don't have snow where I live, we have beaches and sun, especially this time of year, so my pictures were not suitable. Then I found some photos of my beautiful girl and they were perfect!

I hope you enjoyed my little step by step tutorial. it's always fun to experiment and try something new. Looking forward to catching up with you all again very soon.

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Awesome is A State of Mind

Hello lovelies! I'm here with you today to share an art journal page I have created with the new collection "Alice in Candyland" designed by the talented Olga Heldwein.

I had so much fun creating this colourful page. I layered lots of papers that I had created with my 13@rts paint during a gel press session and then I tore up pieces and used them to create my background.

The "Alice in Candyland" collection comes with lots of fun cut outs like this little hopping bunny guy. I just couldn't resist using him as a feature in my art journal creation.

I also had some fun with some SPLASH! ink and some METALLIC! paint.

And then as a finishing touch I added some of the donuts ..... which then made me want to eat donuts!!!

The title comes from the amazing sticker sets. What I love most about this collections stickers is that you can mix and match the sayings. So that is how I came up with the title for this one "Awesome is a state of mind"

13Arts products:

Stay awesome my friends and I'll see you again soon. xx

Soul Journey 2018 FREE online class

Hello and welcome to 2018! What a smash this year is going to be!
First up I am kicking off the year with my tutorial for the oh so AWESOME Soul Journey 2018.

A little bit about Soul Journey 2018

Your hostesses for this mixed media course are Annette Poacher, Elisa Ablett, Tanya Froud and Deena Otway. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Soul Journey will run for the complete year with two artists per month sharing with you their art, talent and inspiration. You will find if you look under photos that there are albums for every teacher where you will find a bio and all their social media links. Please show them some Soul Journey love and follow them. In these albums you will be able to add photos of your art that you have created from their inspiration.

Once a week Annette, Elisa, Tanya or Deena will also share with you a tutorial. These tutorials are based around a quote/saying that we are calling soul starters. At the end of your journey you will have 52 cards that offer positivity, uplift your soul and give you something tangible to look through and connect with.

We are here to support each other so no negative comments, if can’t say something positive please scroll past.
We also have personal trainer on board whose experience lies within healthy eating for the mind, breathing exercises and ideas for exercise play a huge part in living a healthy life and thereby a healthy mind.
This is a group where you can share you stories so please if you feel comfortable do so.

This is where my Soul Journey began

Annette sent me a little package from the Art and Soul store, which was full of goodies for me to play with. You'll see me un-wrapping the parcel on the video (very entertaining)!!!

Then I went to work creating something from what she had sent me. I started thinking I'd make an art journal page and then tip it into my journal but things got a little out of hand ..... as they always do with me, and I ended up making a wall hanging.

And so is what you've been waiting for. Go make a cuppa, sit back and relax while you watch my 3 part (yes 3 part ...... I kinda got a bot carried away) tutorial. There is a supplies list in my "file" on the face book group page LINK HERE So if you want to make along with me you can have everything ready to go before hand, however there is no rush ..... that's the best thing about attending an online class. This tutorial will be available for as long as Youtube is alive!

Here are the links to the three parts.

If you have any questions or anything confuses you or doesn't make sense then please make a comment in my file and I will endeavor to get back to you as soon as I can. Tag me in the comment so I am notified or I might miss it.

Have fun my lovelies. I hope I don't ramble too much .... prone to a bit of a ramble .... really??? ....... Nah never!!!!

Share your creations for me to see in the file (LINK HERE) xxxxx