A Little Card for 13 Arts

Hello! I'm here with you today to share a little "Heartfelt Thanks" card I have made for 13 Arts.

I just love the rusty effect powders and using the reagent solution! The effect is amazing!

I use the multi purpose gel medium as my base, this time through a stencil and then I sprinkle the rusting powder over the top. I then add the reagent solution and set it aside to do it's thing!. When you come back the next day ..... it looks AMAZEBALLS!

I love the rusty effect lately. It matches in perfectly with my "Conversations on Trains" collection which is all vintagy and old ephemera looking. Perfect to go with a rusty effect.

Combined with some color from the Rainbow color range ... also awesome textures!! The whole card comes together as a divine rusty ephemera little art piece!

So much fun.

13 Arts products:

Why not give the rusty effect a try. You will become addicted! Sorry not sorry xxx

See you all again soon.

You Are So Beautiful an Art Journal Page for AALL & Create

Hello! Today I am sharing an art journal page that I created using Kaity's new stamps from AALL & Create.
 This page is all about extending the use of the stamps and the stencils. I had just finished teaching a class called "Beyond the basic stencil" where I looked at all the different ways a stencil can be utilized. In this art journal page, I've used the stencil to create an extension of the stamp design to look like petals floating into the air. I've also extended the stamp design using a doodling scribble to extend the girls hair to meet the petals in the wind.

I think it's healthy for us to extend on stamps designs. All too often we forget that even though the stamp is beautiful in it's own right, it can be altered slightly to fit our design idea. Simply doodling some extra marks or lines can make a world of difference to the end result and personalizes our art.

 The flowers, well they are just beautiful as they are. All I've done is stamp them one on top of the other in a line to give them extra height in some cases. Again a really great way to make a stamp become more than just what it was intended for.

I've also highlighted the stencil design with some mark making over the top. I love how mark making can create a whole new look to your stamping and stenciling.

I hope these little tips and ideas have inspired you to "extend" the life of your stamps and stencils.

The AALL & Create stamps and stencil I used are as follows:

You can find a stockist near you at the AALL & Create Online Store

A Set of Cards For AALL & Create

Hello! Today I am sharing a pair of cards that I have created using the AALL & Create stamps designed by Kaitlyn Paltridge.

I am not a very confident card maker, I always seem to "Over do" my designs. So for this pair I made sure I was careful not to add too much. Incorporating some gel plate prints and a couple of my favourite stamped hand images made the process so much easier.

I also added some of my favourite design techniques ..... cotton and staples!

 AALL & Create stamps I used included:

You can find a stockist near you at the AALL & Create Online Store

Give Me Strength an Art Journal Page for AALL & Create

Hello there! Today I am sharing with you an art journal page I have created using Kaitlyn Paltridge's (my very talented daughter) stamp designs for AALL & Create.

This art journal page came about because I was inspired by the emotion these hands give off. For me hands are a sign of holding. To be held in someones hands is to feel supported and gives us the strength we need to face the world. My art community are my hands and I wanted to celebrate the strength they give me when creating my art.

 Kaitlyn used to spend hours and hours practicing her hand sketching. For anyone who has drawn hands (or feet for that matter) would understand the difficulty in getting the proportions just right!

Kaitlyn has mastered this art and these stamps are because of hours of hard work as she was growing up. I am so proud of how she can decide she is going to achieve something and stick to it until she does.

I could never draw like this, so I am so grateful that she has done it for me and all I have to do is ink them up and presto! Perfectly drawn hands!

It is not a complicated art journal page but I didn't want to distract from the hand stamps so I kept the background simple. This page is all about the holding and these designs depict that perfectly.

I'm so addicted to these designs. I'll be using them again and again and Again!
 The stamp design I used from AALL & Crearte is set number #128 "Hands that Hold"

You can find a stockist near you at the AALL & Create Online Store

That's a Horrible Idea .... What Time? VLVS Art Journal Page

Hello I'm here with you today to share a little art journal page I have created using the awesome rubber from Viva Las Vegastamps!

 I love working in my little mini art journal. It gives me an opportunity to try out new techniques but in a quick and efficient manner. This page came about because I wanted to use this awesome "That's a Horrible Idea" stamp ... me to a T!

 I had the idea that it would work really well with the Vintage Bicycle stamp .... the fact that it was off the end of each page in a follow me sort of way!

I really love this concept. I often don't put that much thought about the meaning behind my art journal pages but in this case the page was created solely around the idea of this follow you blindly concept.

I am really pleased with how it turned out and now I know it's a concept I can use with other substrates.

 Viva Las Vegastamps! used:

Thank you so much for popping in and checking out my art. See you all again soon xx

Wishing You Love and Laughter A Tag for AALL & Create

Hello! Today I am sharing a tag I have created using Kaitlyn's latest designs for AALL & Create. 

 I wanted to try stamping them onto fabric, so I chose some calico to give a go first. These designs are so beautiful they evoke so much emotion. Kaity has always been able to share so much emotion in her drawings and these stamps are no exception.

I have combined my favourite materials, Fabric and textiles with ephemera and watercolour! I love how this little tag has come out.

The texture of the calico is such a great contrast for the background and helps to draw attention to the beautiful stamp I chose.

A little edge of flowers ties it all together and a tuft of textiles at the top finishes it all off.

The AALL & Create stamps I used include:

You can find a stockist near you at the AALL & Create Online Store