You Are So Beautiful an Art Journal Page for AALL & Create

Hello! Today I am sharing an art journal page that I created using Kaity's new stamps from AALL & Create.
 This page is all about extending the use of the stamps and the stencils. I had just finished teaching a class called "Beyond the basic stencil" where I looked at all the different ways a stencil can be utilized. In this art journal page, I've used the stencil to create an extension of the stamp design to look like petals floating into the air. I've also extended the stamp design using a doodling scribble to extend the girls hair to meet the petals in the wind.

I think it's healthy for us to extend on stamps designs. All too often we forget that even though the stamp is beautiful in it's own right, it can be altered slightly to fit our design idea. Simply doodling some extra marks or lines can make a world of difference to the end result and personalizes our art.

 The flowers, well they are just beautiful as they are. All I've done is stamp them one on top of the other in a line to give them extra height in some cases. Again a really great way to make a stamp become more than just what it was intended for.

I've also highlighted the stencil design with some mark making over the top. I love how mark making can create a whole new look to your stamping and stenciling.

I hope these little tips and ideas have inspired you to "extend" the life of your stamps and stencils.

The AALL & Create stamps and stencil I used are as follows:

You can find a stockist near you at the AALL & Create Online Store

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